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Demonic Cat Grabs The Attention At Pricey Gold Coast Lair

Had there been no demonic cat staring us down from a bedspread, we still may have gravitated to this whopper of a home. But possessed felines trump everything. Cool effect, though you'd reckon the photographer would do this one over for the sake of marketing a $5M Gold Coast property. Perhaps the thinking was that this is the kind of levity the interiors desperately need. We sorta agree. If a home's last renovation was 20 years ago, at what point do you stop advertising that detail? The kitchen is much newer and fancier than the rest of the 5/5.5 home, so the seller got her priorities right. And that crazy roof deck is the entire footprint of the house, jam packed with vegetation from herbs to small trees. The brokerbabble proclaims the garden "probably the nicest in the city". It's up there, but need we remind everyone about the splendid Japanese gardens atop River North's Contemporaine? Despite lackluster interiors, this very large and very well situated home should command a few million bucks. But $5M? That's a big ask.
·Listing: 1224 N Astor St. [Streeterville Properties]