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Star Designer Nate Berkus Sells Astor Street Condo For $1.6M

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This celebrity listing certainly took its punches, as its asking price inched inexorably downward for nearly two years before stopping at $1.6M— more than a mil below where it started. That's also just a hair above what interior designer and talk show host Nate Berkus paid for the vintage three-bed unit 10 years ago. We've gushed over the space before, so we'll save you the superlatives. Suffice it to say the 4,000-square-foot eighth floor condo is a perfect marriage of Andrew Rebori vintage and Berkus mod. He may be divesting himself of Chicago property, but there's still a bunch of his local custom work to cling to. Tip o' the hat to The Trib's Bob Goldsborough for breaking the news.
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