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Maverick Agent Plugs Avondale Home While Denigrating It

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Our infinite thanks to Eric Rojas, broker and author of The Chicago Real Estate Local, for leading Curbed to the following no-nonsense broker remarks. It's a read for the ages:

Come give this mule a kick & see if you can make it move! Avondale/Logan Square home that's been neglected beyond words needs someone willing to fix it up or tear it down and start all over again. If you act fast I'll even throw in the fire bombed pick up truck in the back yard. .. Now that's a deal! There aren't any pictures of said pickup or of the downtrodden interiors. But an average-looking four-bed frame home asking $160K near Milwaukee and Belmont can't be a total disaster. The broker also cites a motivated seller, "huge profit potential", and fast close. Cha-ching!
·Listing: 3109 N Lawndale Ave. [New Market Realty]