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Bucktown's Urban Treehouse Sends Finished Units To MLS

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The old Sisters of the Resurrection convent at Cortland and Hermitage is now a boutique residential building going by the slick moniker Urban Treehouse. The development, originally meant to house 10 condos then cut down to seven, is a joint product of Ranquist Development and Spartan Development. When we visited the site in July, the building was nowhere near showcase status. As for the listed units, a few were posted to MLS in May at prices between $575,800 and $739,800. But there was nothing to hint at the finishes or feel of the spaces. That changed yesterday as two of three available condos re-listed with photo galleries. The 3/2 second-floor listing is one of the lower priced spaces, still at $575,800. The third-floor "penthouse" listing, also with three beds and two baths, is asking $669,800. The size and layout are nearly identical with the chief difference in the living/dining room combo's square footage. Same with the balcony comparison. Deeded parking runs an extra $14,800 for each unit. There's one more availability, sans photography. It's the other second-floor unit, asking $585,800.
·Listing: 1849 N Hermitage Ave #301 [Koenig & Strey]
·Listing: 1849 N Hermitage Ave #201 [Koenig & Strey]
·Listing: 1849 N Hermitage Ave #202 [Koenig & Strey]
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