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Single-Family Home All Smiles On The Southwest Side

Down in the oft-negected middle class stronghold of Clearing, just west of Midway, one maverick homeowner (or his/her predecessor) has livened up a very lovely but very plain block. How so? By rendering a second floor addition in the loose image of a face. Please stop us if we're imagining things, but this odd facade spooked the hell out of us as we trolled the new-to-market listings. What to do besides gussy it up further— those rosy cheeks and eyelashes may be for effect, but it ain't that much of a stretch. Most miraculously, this one face fits an entire family! The ask? $249K, down significantly from the 2006 sale price of $355K. Are things that bad in Clearing or is the market simply unprepared for such clowning?
·Listing: 6131 S Meade Ave. [Dream Town]