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Billy Corgan's Stellar Gold Coast Condo Goes Under Contract

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Iconic '90s rock troubadour and tea house entrepreneur Billy Corgan finally has his gorgeous Gold Coast condo under contract, reports The Tribune's Bob Goldsborough. The more-than-four-year listing effort is nearing conclusion, and it took some serious price slashing to get her done: what began as a $5.5M ask for a 3,700-square-foot slice of the historic Paterson-McCormick mansion eventually plummeted to $3.55M and then $2.85M, just about half the initial price. And that's where it plateaued for 18 months. Should the contract proceedings go smoothly, $2.85M is roughly where the bleeding will stop.

The converted mansion's condos have elements designed by David Adler, including Corgan's dining room. Y'all have seen this place before, but it's well worth scanning the photo gallery once again for all the breathtaking vintage stuff: walnut parquet floors, four wood-burning fireplaces, oak-paneled living room, balcony, and one of the finest home libraries known to man. Pumpkins fans don't fret! This is merely Corgan's secondary residence— he's still got that lakefront estate in Highland Park.
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