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Triplex Re-lists at Lake View Church Hit With Savvy Conversion

A welcome addition to Curbed's compendium of converted church residences is this triplex condo occupying a healthy chunk of a smallish Lake View church. Featured in Time Out Mag and other publications, the three-bed's squirrelly spaces present ample opportunity for bonking your head on sharply angled beams. But it might be worth a concussion or two. The unit's 2,200 square feet include a lovely common area with vaulted ceiling, hanging fireplace, and curvy window cuts. And the quirky kitchen and master bed's balcony are a boon to the property too. Serving a brief stint on the market in early 2011, the listing is back at a slightly higher ask of $725K. Hopefully the seller will sweeten the deal with that driftwood table.
·Listing: 1021 W Barry Ave #2W [Dream Town]