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Best of the Bungalow: Six Credits to a Chicago Institution

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Welcome to Curbed's bungalow mashup. We've selected six photogenic bungalows from the marketplace that represent best in show for their price bracket, generation, and neighborhood. The locations are all known hotbeds for this humble Chicago residential icon: Portage Park, Ravenswood Manor, Sauganash/Forest Glen, and Beverly. There are others, of course (Auburn Gresham, Belmont Cragin, Chatham, etc.), but their rolls didn't offer much in the way of eye candy this time around. Prices range wildly on this list, so it should serve our readers well. Bon Appetit!

The Place: 2857 W Wilson Ave.
The Price: $669,000
The Skinny: Bungalows can bring the bling, too. One of the more ornate models, this four-bed home on a corner lot in Ravenswood Manor has lovely common rooms and a host of secondary rooms that don't quite fit the billing. There's a nice sunroom and a decent yard, but you're mostly paying for the desirable address.

The Place: 4815 W Newport St.
The Price: $290,000
The Skinny: Get beyond the clutter, and this Portage Park bungalow easily holds its own: hardwoods throughout, finished basement, large kitchen, 1,600 square feet, second floor deck, covered patio, pool, and impeccable landscaping. Oldest on the roster, the four-bed dates to 1902. New-to-market, you don't wanna wait on this one.

The Place: 4826 W Cullom Ave.
The Price: $279,900
The Skinny: This small three-bed bungalow in Portage Park is a generation older than the others on our list, but sports more upgrades than most. The kitchen is dandy, as are the living/dining room and front porch. The realtor supports the notion that you'll want to fit a garage onto the property, but going without will do wonders for your vegetables.

The Place: 5522 W Berenice St.
The Price: $349,900
The Skinny: Here's your solidly middle of the road pick, in the bungalow kingdom known as Portage Park. The four-bed, 2,200-square-foot home has many intact 1920s features, plus a new kitchen, basement rec room, and back deck. The original details are so expertly preserved they match the newer stuff. Of greater import are the new roof and siding.

The Place: 6030 N Kilbourn Ave.
The Price: $949,900
The Skinny: Looking for the million-dollar bungalow? We found it: a steroidic 4/4 in Sauganash. Build with an arts & crafts foundation, the home features art glass, built-in window seating, a glitzy new kitchen, finished basement, master bed with skylights, and master bath with stone flooring and wood beam ceiling adorned with a carved image of a pig, flying. The property finishes with a paver patio and back porch. Great stuff.

The Place: 10747 S Hale Ave.
The Price: $145,000
The Skinny: A very livable Beverly bungalow, this 1,800-square-foot four-bed sits just a half-block or so from the 107th Street Metra and a short distance to the cluster of shops near the 103rd Street Station. Three levels of living space offer a wide range of decor, from linoleum flooring to wood paneling to carpet and tile in various color combinations but all in fine condition. Best of all, the large lot and uncompromised yard space.