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Circular Keck & Keck Home Encloses Pool w/ Retractable Roof

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We've catalogued a number of marvelous Keck & Keck properties for sale in our two-and-a-half years of scouting, but this one might take the cake. A five-bed, five-bath modernist standout, the 5,100-square-foot home rests on 1.75 acres in Highland Park. If you ignore the gorgeous setting and the lawn sculpture, that little covered walkway connecting home and garage makes it seem like you're rolling into a motel. It looks cool enough from the outside, but few could predict it'd encapsulate an open air pool at its core with retractable roof. The heated pool is accessed from every major room. Chill on its patio, pop in the sauna, or step outside to a huge entertaining area with fireplace. The interiors are jazzy enough—each room with its wedge shape—but manage to feel somewhat understated. How about a cyclorama (of modernist architecture?) on the outer walls? Just sayin'. On the market since May, this covert delight is asking $1.395M.
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