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Awesome 1970s Cruise Down Dan Ryan "L" Taps Nostalgia

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[Video via YouTube user "msibnsf"]

For the pre-bellbottom demographic, WBEZ's Lee Bey uncovered a nifty early-70s nostalgia trip: video of a northbound ride up the South Side Red Line, from 95th to downtown. The footage delivers the train operator's perspective and makes for great people watching as the train rumbles by successive station platforms. Also be on the lookout for long-gone landmarks and other noteworthy structures, like the old Comiskey Park at 35th and the Robert Taylor Homes to the right of the highway near 47th. The Dan Ryan leg of the Red Line was just a few years old when this video was shot and the crisp modernist stations, by SOM's Myron Goldsmith, are something to behold even though the route's overall design—track plunked down along highway medians—is an embarrassment of urban planning. Ah well, that's the 60s for you.
·Nostalgia trip: 1970s video shows one L of a ride down the Dan Ryan [WBEZ]