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The Villa Taj, That Great Fiasco, Sells To Bank For $3.1M

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A 30,000-square-foot Burr Ridge mansion named Villa Taj for its "neo-Byzantine Moorish revival architectural style" (read: Middle Eastern) has finally sold, for a pretty embarrassing amount: $3.1M, after having been listed as high as $25M. Those freewheeling days came to an abrupt end with 2011's catastrophic pipe failure that flooded the home with six million gallons of water! According to one source, that's a three-day supply for all Burr Ridge. Well, the comical construction once mistaken for a mosque (and built by a megalomanic dentist) fell into foreclosure a short time later as the owner fell into bankruptcy, and the rest is history. As the now former owner, Dr. Husam Aldairi, told The Tribune in 2011: "One day, (people) will come back and say it's a monument that they can be proud of, no matter what happens." Two years later, we wonder if his outlook is still as rosy.
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