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Arch Apothecary Opens on Wells; C/FAN Moves to Shanghai; Suburban Saks Will Have a Sad Christmas

And now the latest from Racked Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's shopping, style, and
retail from the sidewalks up...

OLD TOWN - Wells Street has got a new reason to boast this week with the opening of Arch Apothecary. The clean-lined shop sells makeup and skincare products from up-and-coming world-recognized brands as well as offering beauty services like arching your brows oh so perfectly.

EVERYWHERE - Last night, Fashion's Night Out took over the town. Our roundups and photos will continue to come in throughout the weekend. Everything from blow outs to male models--FNO Chicago happened, and it's all right here.

HIGHLAND PARK - On a sad note for luxury lovers, Saks Fifth Avenue is closing. The management has some sketchy plans to fill the space but it won't happen until after the holidays.

SHANGHAI - The one and only Cristina Fan, designer of C/FAN has put the rumor to rest. She's opened a studio in China and lets loose in an exclusive interview series.