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Staybridge Suites Back in Action

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It's official! According to chatter at SkyscraperPage, it appears that construction of the long-stalled Staybridge Suites hotel project has finally resumed. SSP user jc5680 was able to snap a pic of workers on the site. What a sight for sore eyes! First unveiled back in 2007, the 183-foot, 16-story hotel was planned for LaSalle and Huron in River North. Construction began soon after in mid-2007, only to come to a grinding halt in the midst of financial problems brought on by the recession. The unfinished concrete skeleton, nearly topped out, remained untouched as occasional reports trickled in of attempts to resuscitate the project. Its avant-garde design is courtesy of Valerio Dewalt Train Associates. More updates to come!
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Staybridge Suites

127 West Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654 Visit Website