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Check It Out! The 'Burbs Have Churches To Occupy Too

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Wednesday's divine intervention prompted a reader to prowl the MLS in search of another full-church residence. This is what she hauled before us: a fine pointy specimen from west suburban La Grange. We're happy to have it to share with you. Listed earlier this week for $699,900, the exquisite little chapel has three bedrooms, three baths, lofted living spaces built around a grandiose living room, original hardwoods, Gothic stained glass windows, and wood beams. The central space bears lot of similarity to the configuration of yesterday's Logan Square abode. The whole bit seems newer, but perhaps a little more stiff. We don't have the square footage on this one, but it looks to be substantially smaller. And that's OK, seeing as it's half the price. One more thing of note: the master suite is artfully built into the bell tower with its bath dangling over the edge of the loft. Pretty badass.
·Listing: 137 N Kensington Ave, La Grange [Smothers Realty]