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Neighborhood Beefs

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The Woodlawn Home Owners (WHO) group, whether acting out of buyer's remorse or pure conviction, has begun making loud calls for a moratorium on subsidized housing in their community. There's no doubt that Woodlawn has a lot, and they could wind up with more once the Grove Park Apartments are redeveloped. WHO links subsidized housing directly to crime and abandonment, when there's evidence that the removal of public housing under the CHA's Plan for Transformation actually exacerbated those issues by filtering large numbers of disenfranchised people into adjacent neighborhoods. An article in yesterday's Chicago Now by The Concerned Citizens of Chatham unleashes an attack on WHO, claiming that their "plan of destruction" will dump more poverty on neighboring communities. Chatham isn't exactly doing so hot, either. Basically, nobody wants these concentrations, and, as long as they stay glued to minority neighborhoods, the South Side will see few gains. [Chicago Now, image: The Chicago Neighborhoods]