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Bridgeport Matters

Chuck Sudo interviews Maureen Sullivan, co-author of Images of America: Bridgeport, in today's Chicagoist. You've probably seen other installments in the series of pictorial neighborhood histories— all the cool communities are doing it. Sullivan talks about how Bridgeport is such a polyglot neighborhood today, and was once a major source of labor for a young city. Anyone who has spent time there knows how strong the local ties are— it's the opposite of "suitcase neighborhoods" like Lincoln Park and Wicker Park. And sure enough, that's where some of the 'hood's recent arrivals are from. Sullivan also talks about how the "neighborhood of mayors" resisted white flight in the 60s and 70s, claiming that most didn't have the money to move. She fails to mention that little thing called the Dan Ryan that worked to physically separate Bridgeport from Bronzeville and points beyond. Click through for more! [Chicagoist]