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Don't Forget To Tip Your Editor!

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Now that we're shelving the fun under the sun for another year, what better time to grab hold of our readers and shake tips out of them?

Seen a new $10M mansion gobble up half your block? Hear a ridiculous story about an unruly HOA? Need to rant about a botched decorating job or turn Curbed's attention to a particularly fugly property? Have a singular development scoop or question about a forlorn chunk of land? All this and more is very welcome to the tipline; just drop a note to Photos are especially encouraged. Anonymity, guaranteed.

While you're at it, feel free to follow Curbed on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. For budding photographers, there's the Flickr Photo Pool. And let's not forget Curbed's Newsletter for a targeted dose of the day's top stories delivered hot and fresh to your inbox each afternoon. (Sign up below.) However you choose to follow Curbed Chicago: thanks for tagging along!

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