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'Bootleg' Robert G. Emmond House Cut Down To Size

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More dispatches from leafy La Grange: A marvelous Frank Lloyd Wright 'bootleg' work, the Robert G. Emmond House, has absorbed the sharp trauma of a $225K price chop. We first gave it our signature treatment in September of 2011, as a fresh face on the market. Built in 1892 in breach of contract with Louis Sullivan (a man's gotta get paid!), the painstakingly restored 5-bed boasts an octagonal turret, scrumptious porches, leaded glass, historically accurate kitchen, and a great little foyer reminiscent of the stairways in Wright's Unity Temple. Super place, but bottom line is $1.5M was a bit much for a suburban joint with an average lot and only one bathroom. How low will it go?
·Listing: 109 8th Ave, La Grange [Historic Homes Realty]
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