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Construction Resumes At Old Waterview Site

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It feels a bit like deja vu... First, we brought you news that Staybridge Suites is back in the game. And now we're even more pleased to report that construction has resumed at the old Waterview site on Clark and Wacker. That means not one--but two--ugly concrete hulks that have blighted the cityscape for too long will soon be history. Just a short while ago, we paid a visit to 111 W. Wacker and spoke with a worker who confirmed that construction has in fact started up again. Rest assured, this isn't short term work designed to maintain the structural integrity of the hulk. It's full-fledged construction. As you may recall, developer Related Midwest took control of the long-dead project in 2011 and is planning a 59-story, 630-foot tall tower, designed by Handel Architects. Check back for more timely updates!
·Old Waterview Site Turns A Corner With New Design [Curbed Chicago]

Waterview Tower

111 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60601