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Kenwood Queen Anne w/ Purported Ties To FLW Asks $900K

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Care to make a happy home in a studly Queen Anne with alleged ties to Frank Lloyd Wright? Then you'd better jump on this 1886 Kenwood six-bed. We were unable to have any meaningful communication with listing agent Rita Glass in order to gain insights into Wight's role as collaborator. And the house doesn't register as one of Wright's early "bootleg" homes (there are two on this block of Kenwood Ave), nor show up in any online documentation. But Wright did work as a draftsman for a couple firms prior to his notable Sullivan gig. Presumably, he got involved in some modest works like this without getting his name intertwined. Anyhow, even if the only 'Wright' you really see is in the spindle porch and the geometries of a window or two, this is a mighty fine house with handsome woodwork, curvaceous ceilings, skylights, French doors, wood-burning fireplace, and spacious rooms spanning a total of 7,000 square feet. There's also a large backyard, a terrace, and a balcony. Asking $899,900, you're not gonna do much better than that in historic South Kenwood.
·Listing: 4830 S Kenwood Ave [Keller Williams]