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Slice Of Architect's Penthouse For Sale At 320 W Oakdale

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Sometime following architect Milton Schwartz's 1955 completion of the modernist 320 W Oakdale, he moved into the 21-story building's penthouse. He remained until his death in 2007, whereby the space was carved into a couple units. Today marks the first time in decades that a penthouse space in this unsung masterpiece by the lake has been available. Each level of the all-glass facade is demarcated by a concrete overhang (not unlike Marina City a few years later) and every unit enjoys floor-to-ceiling windows. This 2/2 top-floor condo has some mid-century decor to match the building: lots and lots of wood panelling, funky lamps and furnishings, and a nifty ensemble of sky blue bathroom pieces. And, best of all, is the huge private canopied terrace with a section cut out for direct sun. The ask? $699K.
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