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Cornerspotted: Michigan Ave's Former Hotel Richelieu

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Built in 1885 as the Hotel RIchelieu, the now-diminuative building at 318 S Michigan fed appetites for high-end Parisian cuisine in a bustling and newly-affluent city. The marriage wasn't meant to be, however, and the building fell into the hands of furniture manufacturers Karpen & Bros in 1895. According to Design Slinger, Karpen commissioned architects Hessenmueller & Meldahl for a complete makeover. And thus, it looks like we're dealing with two different structures. An office building from the 1980s through the early 2000s, the market has ripened just enough for four full-floor condos and a duplex penthouse to move in. Want in on the swank? The units are priced at $1.35M and up. Completely dominated by much taller neighbors, the newly-christened Richelieu Flats is fortunate to have large eastward facing windows. If not, a conversion would've been far less likely. Thanks for playing, everyone!
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·Photo: Pappageorge Haymes Partners