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Cool Map Thingy

Some of you may already be acquainted with the mapping exploits of Eric Fischer. He's had some of his elegant and highly communicative work featured at MOMA, and plenty of it lives online in Flickr pages. A recent profile in Atlantic Cities shed light on some of Fischer's motivations and processes. His maps attempt to take the "dim, distant glimpse of the real world that we can see through data and magnify some aspect of it in an attempt to understand something about the structure of cities". Most popular is his "Locals and Tourists" set of 124 cities that uses geotagged photos to map where visitors and natives generally roam. It's a straightforward thing, but gives the nitty-gritty on visitor habits and limits to exploration. The "Paths Through Cities" series is also a fascinating way of relearning the familiar. [Atlantic Cities, image: Eric Fischer]