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Another Alta Vista Row, w/ Ties to Socialite, Lists for $500K

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Cathleen Wiechert Treacy isn't exactly a household name. But we're told she reigned as a local model and socialite for some part of the mid-20th century. And this was apparently her home for 40+ years, at 3809 N Alta Vista Terrace. OK then. Guess it's not enough to sell it straight as one of the block's 40 "magical" homes, even though they typically fly off the shelves as the big time curiosities they are. They also typically sell for $500-800K— a lot for relatively small row homes with almost no land. The ask on this new-to-market address is exactly $500K, for 2,000 square feet, four beds, and two-and-a-half baths. The listing hasn't drawn up a very persuasive photo gallery, another case for the vintage headshot. But it's evident that recent updates have been made emphasizing the crown molding, leaded glass, millwork, and including a rooftop addition and deck. That's key since there's no backyard to speak of. Adventurous marketing? Sure, but probably wholly unnecessary. A tip 'o the hat to Eric Rojas at The Chicago Real Estate Local.
·Listing: 3809 N Alta Vista Terrace [@properties]