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Cornerspotted: Bronzeville-IIT Station, Formerly Tech-35th

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Good work everyone! The old smoked-out image did indeed depict the old Tech-35th station, now 35th-Bronzeville-IIT. The prize (there really isn't one) goes to Matt, who beat out FrankMc by 7 minutes on the message boards. At least I stumped Denver Gambler, but s/he might be new to town. The station house lost in the flames dated to the original 10-station South Side Rapid Transit line, Chicago's first "L". That 1892 station, along with the just-rebuilt platforms, got snuffed out in the October 1962 fire— the system's most destructive at the time. The new station was built on the north side of the tracks, and now has pretty badass scenery in Helmut Jahn's State Street Village and Rem Koolhaas' McCormick Tribune Campus Center with its sound-dampening train tube. The 1962 photo derives from a really cool set of vintage fire photos from around town. Thanks for playing!
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