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For $2.795M: New-Build with 125-Year-Old Facade as Keepsake

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Approach this antique Gold Cost rowhome with caution. It's a shadowy creature. For better or worse, the substantive portion of the house is brand new. A good old fashioned facadectomy was performed and everything behind it is all new construction, from the ground up. Kinda like a dental filling. And, by golly, considerable efforts were made to keep a vintage vibe. We've rarely seen so much gold leaf. There's also a wide array of chandeliers, french doors, and old furniture. The modern is exposed by way of a cluster of motorized skylights, lots of recessed lighting, new flooring, finished basement, and, of course, the large landscaped deck. Here's the burning question: old money or new? The block establishes it as a "CEO address" in realtor parlance, but the reconstruction smacks of dot-commer ambition. New-to-market, the asking price is $2,795,000.
·Listing: 38 E Schiller St. [Koenig & Strey]