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United Center: Next Home For DePaul Men's B-Ball Team?

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So much for the speculation that DePaul was planning to build a new arena for its men's basketball team on a vacant lot at Fullerton and Sheffield (the A. Finkl & Sons Co. steel factory site was also a possibility). Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed is reporting that discussions are underway to relocate the Division 1 squad to the United Center, current home of da Bulls. The Blue Demons have called the Allstate Arena in far-flung Rosemont home for the last 32 years, suffering from fan apathy and low attendance as a result. We're a bit disappointed DePaul didn't opt for the Lincoln Park site, which is smack-dab on its main campus and loaded with transit options. But wherever the team lands, here's to hoping they get some much needed fan support.
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