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Snappy Set of 435 North Park Renderings Paint Clearer Picture

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The colossal hotel/apartment development unimaginatively known as 435 North Park is coming soon to the heart of Streeterville. And earlier today, Skyscraper Page kingpin Spyguy posted the newest renderings. Site prep began in mid-summer, but the general public was still working off of vague depictions and a single ground-level close-up. This new set is just a better all-around presentation and conveys some minor changes (not just the fireworks, though we dig). For starters, gone are the "hat" and inexplicable starfleet-like badge that once crowned the tower. And the zoom-in on the rooftop pool and greenspaces is a nice thing.

The mid-tower cantilevering has also changed somewhat, as have the color and material choices for the podium and building base. The fact remains that there's entirely too much blank precast screwing with the pedestrian experience. That's a sentiment echoed across the SSP development thread. There's also mass resignation to yet another average SCB design with the base and podium as its Achilles' heel. The 635-foot, 54-story tower will have 400 hotel rooms (no name just yet), 398 apartments, and 230 parking spaces. We're looking forward to the action!
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