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Duplex in Gold Coast's Vinnedge 'Lives Like a Mini-Mansion'

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Built as a single residence by a shipping magnate in 1900, the Vinnedge Condominiums now has several units plus a rear coach house parceled into "masonettes". Today we're most interested in unit 1F, a duplex-down facing Dearborn. It's the largest condo on the premises and a recent renovation left it bedazzled with marble (check out the sick master bath), new oak floors, and a "commercial grade" kitchen. Listing agent Lissa Weinstein tells us the unit is also wired for a sound system and that House Hunters is getting set to swoop in next week for a TV segment. That means your days are numbered as someone with privileged access to a preview. Further bolstering its mansion-like credentials, the 2,000-square-foot two-bed has landscaped courtyards on both sides of the building "for entertaining", and a grand stoop from which to disembark in your best evening gown. May as well paint the full picture. Listing in August, the ask is holding at $575K. And Weinstein let us know there's strong interest.
·Listing: 1224 N Dearborn St. #1F [Jameson Sotheby's]