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Price On Palmolive Unit Plunges Nearly $1M Below Original Ask

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And the bleeding just won't stop for the Alessandra Branca-designed condo in the hoity-toity Palmolive Building. The 3-bed unit made a splash almost two years ago, debuting at the stratospheric ask of $4.5M. When we caught up with it again in late February, the price tag had fallen to a hair below four mil. And, very recently, these 3,160-square foot digs have succumbed to yet another hefty price chop, and are now yours for $3.55M. We're still as impressed as ever with this place. Hard to say for certain what tops our list, but the dining room with its dramatic color scheme and sublime moldings sure is up there. Other goodies: whirpool tubs, two fireplaces, a hot tub, and, of course, you'll have the touch of a "world renowned designer," which apparently isn't priceless.
·Listing: 159 E Walton St, Unit 7D [Baird & Warner]
·Alessandra Branca-Designed Palmolive Unit Now Only $3.999M [Curbed Chicago]

Palmolive Building

159 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611