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No Magic Number Just Yet For Mega-Chopped Vintage Duplex

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We've dropped by this vintage Gold Coast mid-rise before, but somehow never noticed the 3,100-square-foot 4th and 5th-floor duplex that's been on the market for two solid years. This is one patient seller, considering the repeated price chops the listing has endured. First asking $975K, the latest wound has the price down to $600K or $194/sf! Did we mention it's the Gold Coast!? The traditionally decorated unit has elevator service to both levels, three en suite bedrooms, butler's pantry, dining room w/ built-in buffet (OK, strange), wood-burning fireplace, and a gallery. With all this, what's the broker's primary lure? "Bring your own designer— same owner for 28+ years." What's so wrong with standing behind your product? Now for what's really going on: the monthly assessment is $3,573. That includes taxes but it's still maniacally steep and downright impractical for many would-be buyers.
·Listing: 1320 N State Pkwy #4-5B [Coldwell Banker]