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Historic Henry Rohkam House Eats Humble Pie, Sells for $2.05M

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The panicked price chopping has finally come to an end for the Henry Rohkam House in Lakeview. The landmark 'high Victorian' lost a lot of weight during its on-again, off-again market tenure. Its elaborate gingerbread facade is a sight to behold, the beneficiary of having a terra cotta guru for an owner. Rohkam's Northwest Terra Cotta deposited their wares on more than one North Side showpiece, and this may be the most extreme example. The interiors are also rather spiffy with further Victorian adornment, tremendously elegant bedrooms, a modern kitchen, vaulted ceilings, library, and pair of wood-burning fireplaces. Whether or not the decor has narrow appeal, the obligations of owning a historic landmark probably do. Hence the long languishing and total price reduction of $1.85M. The final closing price? $2.053M. What can we say? Well done.
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