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Budlong Woods Humdinger Offers Space and Style for $650K (SOLD)

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There may be no more variable a housing style than the 1950's ranch home. And we don't mean street presence. We mean the interiors. You never know quite what you'll get in layout and decor behind the flat demeanor of a ranch. In our day we've noticed some of the brightest eccentricities emanating from the Budlong Woods neighborhood, just north of Lincoln Square. Further proof is in this sizable 3-bed with its infectious lime green carpets and curtains, grand all-white foyer, funky 70s furnishings, and sporadic exposed brick. Not sure we've ever seen a toilet quite like the one set between and enveloped by a double vanity. What fun! Equally satisfying are the large yard—endemic to the neighborhood—and the great proximity to the North Shore Channel Trail. On the market since March, the ask has nudged down $25K to the current $650K.
·Listing: 5443 N Virginia Ave. [Coldwell Banker]