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Redevelopment Watch: Fisk & Crawford

There's still a lot in play, but Mayor Emanuel has helped narrow the possibilities for adaptive reuse of the recently shuttered Fisk and Crawford coal plants. The Tribune reported over the weekend that the mayor's multi-stakeholder task force has recommended pursuing other industrial tenants for the riverfront properties. This is something that much of the Pilsen and Little Village communities support. The main sticking point could wind up being whether or not soil remediation is required. The mayor prefers to base that decision on the specific uses that move in, whereas public health advocates like the LIttle Village Environmental Justice Organization want it done regardless. It's easy to see their point— the area has been inundated with pollutants for decades with an enormous toll on health. And soil pollution bodes poorly for nearby agriculture projects and local water quality. Whatever does happen, it won't arrive overnight: the city still has 25 potential developers to consider. [Trib, previously]