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Preservation Watch

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Does a tangential connection to an infamous 1920s murderer warrant historic preservation protections? That's the question before the Highland Park Historic Preservation Commission pertaining to a Georgian revival mansion once owned by the brother of Richard Albert Loeb. The current owners want a demolition permit, which they'd pass along to their interested buyer. The commission placed a one-year stay on demolition over the summer, and the owners are appealing. Curiously, the commission insists the Loeb ties were not a factor in their decision. Nor, apparently, was the original Jens Jensen landscaping. Instead, architects Russell Walcott and Robert Work are celebrated in the decision. The commission considers them notable and influential in their day. And that, friends, is the sticking point. Do these guys really matter? Seems like leaning on Jensen and the Loebs would've made for a more defensible position. Want more? Here's the listing. [Trib]