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For $5,000/month, Dabble in Olde Tyme Alta Vista

One of Alta Vista Terrace's smaller mid-block lookers, this brick home begins with an ornate entryway and continues with bowed out front windows, a great old fireplace, "state of the art" kitchen, and a host of fine architectural details. It's a pity the photography is so poor, otherwise you might actually have a gander at the full scope of "historic elegance". A recent gut rehab brought shiny new stuff to the party including a media center, jacuzzi tub, and rear-facing balcony. The pertinent stats: three bedrooms, three baths, and 2,200-square-feet. At $5,000/month, it might not be the best bargain in town but it's an infrequent opportunity to get the flavor of Alta Vista Terrace if you're enchanted by the idea of buying there.
·Listing: 3818 N Alta Vista Terrace [Koenig & Strey]