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Branding Reveals

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The Jeffery Corridor BRT project is truly in full flight now! Why? Because it has a name. The 'Jeffery Jump' is a branding the CTA hopes will accentuate the advantages to riding this faux-BRT. The uber-cheesy decree from the CTA: "The Jump service is branded to communicate the way this service allows commuters to 'jump' ahead of traffic and get a 'jump start' on their morning and evening commutes." That's right folks, the Jeffery Jump will shave 5-7 minutes off a roughly 12 mile route from 103rd to the Ogilvie Transportation Center. Something tells us core elements like signal prioritization, pre-paid boarding, and at-grade alighting would render the endeavor worthwhile. How long are they gonna keep us waiting for a sensible scheme? Color us unimpressed. [Trib, image: CTA]