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Lyrics To Blanket State Street For Poetry Mag's Centennial

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State Street's love it or hate it Lightscape display is about to be commandeered by poets! For the whole month of October, according to a press release, the Poetry Foundation will pipe recitations through the staggered display's speakers and litter the prairie grass-like light clusters, news racks, planter signs, and CTA station entrances with written verse. Selections will include the writings of old masters like Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and Wallace Stevens, along with excerpts from local and contemporary poets. The occasion? The centennial of Poetry magazine, the foundation's publication. Oh, and it's worth noting that another six Lightscape clusters are being added in advance of the holiday season, bringing the total to 18. Might feel a little less anemic once that happens. Presumably, another special levy on retailers will cover the half-mil cost.
·Source: The Silverman Group Press Release