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For $1.39M: Gaudy and Great Greystone on Surf Street

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Built in the 1880s, this gorgeous Lakeview Greystone has only had three owners. Should it fall into your hands, you'd better love the snot out of it. The previous owner and renovator certainly did. The serious workup introduced a more open floorplan and some zany spaces while clinging to a critical amount of vintage. Let's see, for old stuff we've got fireplaces, exposed brick, and hardwood floors. For new, there's the rapacious color scheme (not hard to change), whole home audio, deck and gardens w/ wet bar, bathrooms cast in stone, and a sprawling, exceptionally handsome kitchen. A couple downers: there's only two bedrooms, and the basement is unfinished. And what of the silly stuff, like the painted columns or the interior wood-planked perch dressed up like a motel balcony? Could be keepers. All depends on your predisposition to camp. The ask? $1.39M.
·Listing: 614 W Surf St. [Baird & Warner]