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Development Update: The Congress

The Congress Theater's Eddie Carranza and his enlisted help, "startup excellerator" Doejo, have had a less-than-amicable split. Each party claims injury, reports WBEZ, but through the PR haze, Carranza's attorney insists everything is on track for the redevelopment of the theater and adjacent commercial spaces. Basically, no one disputes that Carranza is mercurial and a wee bit crazy. Whether that hinders the project's momentum is uncertain, though listening to Doejo's Phil Tadros tell it makes one wonder: "He's not a maintenance person; he's kind of a slum lord," Tadros said. "I told him before, if you want something awesome to happen here, just walk away. But he kept coming in and changing things. I was like, are you loony? He's kind of nuts." [WBEZ, previously]