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Cornerspotted: Skirting Loyola at Sheridan, Devon & Broadway

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Welcome to CornerSpotter, Curbed's weekly game in which you, fair readers, consult archival streetscape photos or postcard illustrations to identify the building(s) and/or location presented. Time to tap that reservoir of urban minutiae and flaunt it before your fellow readers. Fire away in the comments, and we'll reveal the correct identity and backstory on Friday.

Admittedly, this was another easy one. But at least we brought some attention to a special place in the city's tangle of "auto sewers", as a reader put it. Broadway and Sheridan funneled traffic through the city back then just as they do now. Devon is more the innocent bystander. The same reader called attention to the fact that the area was less urban in the 30s than today (whereas many 'urban' streetscenes from are obviously more dense and more urban). We'll attribute this to the fact that these avenues were the highways of the day, until real ones came along to relieve them. Now, busy though they are, they can function a bit more like city streets. OK, nicely done everyone. We'll see you next time!
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