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Cabrini Remnants

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An article in yesterday's Chicago Journal deals with the human component of the unspecified fate of the small cadre of remaining Cabrini tenants. In 2009, roughly one quarter of the 584 rowhouse units were renovated before the progress was frozen in the courts. In March of this year, the unrenovated portion was vacated and fenced off. The encroachment of upscale services, amenities, and a wealthier set, and the CHA's generally opaque decision-making process, have remaining residents thinking their days are numbered. The CHA insists residents of the rehabbed units can stay put for the foreseeable future, but it seems not everyone buys that. As residents and businesses continue to aggravate one another, the prevailing thought is this: "I think it's going to be a white neighborhood in a few years," said lifelong resident Crystal Odis. "If that happens, we'll move west, south. Moving ain't that hard." [Chicago Journal]