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Steroidal Portage Park Bungalow Lists For $524,900

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You're in store for something special if you manage to drop a half-mil in Portage Park. It's actually kind of a challenge to do so (there are only a few places listed for over $500K). Enter this gut-rehabbed and expanded bungalow. Ballooning up and out, the new rendition of a modest working-class home draws in a lot of light, features Mahogany doors and trim, four beds, four "high-end" baths, and a finished lower level with heated floors, theater, and some kind of peculiar display/ antique storage room. Total living space measures 3,500 square feet. New-to-market, the initial asking price is $524,900— double the pre-renovation sale price.
·Listing: 5337 W Belle Plaine Ave. [Century 21]