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Gold Coast Condo Ups The Ante On Color Palette Calamity

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Variations on flower and stem wallpaper are found throughout this Gold Coast 3/2 condo, but it clashes so uniquely in this lounge space. The other main culprit is the ectoplasmic green rug. Taken on their own, each has the power to pollute your sense of good taste. Taken together, they run roughshod over it. And what's with the white fencing used to reshape the window space? Floor-to-ceiling views too much for ya? But we'll award some credit for trying something different. We suppose the 22nd floor balcony does enough for views. As we mentioned, the wallpaper motif carries through the unit. Both bathrooms and the master bedroom showcase floral fixin's, but they're a boon to the spaces with their hardwood floors and mirrors. The half-floor unit would make for a divinely comfy home with its 2,800 square feet, numerous living spaces, large kitchen, killer views, and numerous building amenities. New-to-market, the asking price is $949K with a monthly assessment of $2,170.
·Listing: 1515 N Astor St. Unit 22BC [Koenig & Strey]