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Successful Pre-Fire Amalgam of Old & New Lists in Old Town

You won't be the only one with a pre-Fire home, should you elect to buy this elegant, renovated Old Town home. That doesn't mean you won't be cooler for it. The four-bed, 4,000-square-foot delicacy "melds unique vintage charm with meticulous renovation". Built in 1856, it's old enough to stand apart from the city's large stock of 1880s and 90s housing. It's in the little things: the ornate staircase, stained glass detailing, double doors, and the exquisite little side porch. The recent renovation contributed a finished basement and attic, large back patio, and, presumably, the checkered marble foyer. We also count four fireplaces and a master bedroom with an attached sitting room. Selling for $1.695M in 2007, the owners have nudged the price up to $1.895M. Considering trends in the Near North/Old Town luxury market, they may just get it.
·Listing: 548 W Eugenie St. [Baird & Warner]