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ESA Design Floats Plan For High-Tech HQ at Clinton & Harrison

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In one of the least intensively developed corners of The Loop, just west of Printer's Row, a luminous mid-rise office proposal is getting its legs. Designed by Eckenhoff Saunders Architects (ESA), the building is a major upgrade at the site of their own offices at 700 S Clinton. Presently, a squat (but pleasant) 2-story brick building houses dental offices in addition to ESA's headquarters. Conveniently, they are the owner and developer. ESA's marketing materials sum it up:

The 150,000 SF, eight-story building is planned to have an extraordinary selection of amenities and technical infrastructure to support complex trading operations. It is also planned to be a cutting edge, environmentally conscious development with solar, geothermal, daylighting and rainwater collection systems. It sure looks green, even though there seems to be a generous amount of parking in play. We spoke with Walt Eckenhoff, Principal at ESA. He tells Curbed that, while the design is conceptual, it's being actively marketed to high-tech tenants in an effort to cobble together a symbiotic group of firms. Therefore, the building's elements may change somewhat to accommodate specific needs. When asked about the project's approval process and timetable, Eckenhoff assured us "the plan falls within existing zoning". That oughta help expedite things. There's no strict timetable. Everything depends on getting tenants committed. The location is primed for such densifying endeavors, with the Blue Line a block away, highways close by, and many services within walking distance. Thus, to ESA we say: bring it on!
·Official Site: ESA Design