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Short Sale: 5,200-Square-Foot Cavern Asking $1.095M

Should you feel like tussling with a short sale, there's a mighty good find lurking behind a commercial front at Webster & Racine in Lincoln Park. Governed by mixed-use zoning but utilized as housing for some time, this unexpectedly cavernous space has a bit of a bat cave quality at 5,200 square feet with four beds, four baths, towering ceilings, skylights, and series of lofts. One level is but a wee sliver of a loft fabricated as a sort of mezzanine and hosting a small table set and some potted shrubbery just about tickling the ceiling. The other loft level is more proper, with the master suite and balcony spaces. The ground floor has an awesome kitchen and a grand dining area. The irregularity of it all is testament to its hybridized past. Other awesomeness includes five fireplaces, two decks, and a tight corner of exposed brick that looks more archaeological than intentional. The ask? $1.095M. In the center of Lincoln Park? Customarily, that would buy you a nice 3-bed or townhouse with closer to half the square footage.
·Listing: 1147 W Webster Ave. [Broker: Doris Hamilton]