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Bank-Owned Monster Sells For Mere $730K In W. Rogers Park

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Speculation in this biz carries hefty risks. We thought, despite repeated evidence to the contrary, that this funky-fantastic Colonial mansion in West Rogers Park had met its last price drop over the winter. At that time, the ask had reduced from $2.45M in January 2011 to just $890K. It hadn't occurred to us that the bottom was close to giving out. Tragically, the home re-listed in June as some bank's asset. And it was just sold for $730K. That's 3/4 mil for 8,865 square feet (it previously claimed 12,000) with an indoor pool and water slide, five bedrooms, five-and-a-half baths, five wood-burning fireplaces, brand new kitchen, and a half-acre lot across from the Warren Park golf course. We only hope the new owner's scheme doesn't involve tear-down.
·Listing: 2100 W Pratt Blvd. [Century 21]
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