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Checking In On The New Burberry Flagship Store

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Our friends over at Racked Chicago have been diligently following every twist and turn of the new Burberry store's construction. And it's about high time we got in on the action. After all, the replacement store won't just offer up high-end retail, it will also add a nice dollop of modern architecture to the Mag Mile. So we stopped by Michigan and Ontario to grab a few pics of the avant-garde maverick of a building. It's completely topped out, having reached its final height of five stories. And installation of the stylish Burberry check pattern is underway. A video screen had originally been envisioned for the central part of the building, but it was later scrapped in favor of large display windows. The new store is expected to open in October.
· Burberry Bonanza 2012 [Racked Chicago]