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Daley-Occupied Condo Asking $2.73M

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JMB Realty has put an upscale condo once inhabited by former Mayor Richard M. Daley on the market for $2.73M. According to the Trib, Daley called the seven-room unit at 900 N. Michigan home for a short while after stepping down as mayor. We were able to pinpoint the listing on Redfin, but, alas, there are no photos available for our snooping pleasure. Da former mayor's three-bed digs clock in at 3,479-square feet and manage some fab NW views from their 24th floor perch. The home also comes equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, oak floors, 10' ceilings, a high-end kitchen, and plenty of storage. This isn't the first time the place has come on the market. It was listed in early 2011, also to the tune of $2.73M. [Tribune / photo from JMB Realty]